Programs in NEWTUN Kids

India’s the pre-school specialist had designed the programs in specialized way to enhance the creativity of our child. Our Curriculum program specialize designed to meet the needs of children in the age group between 18 months and 6 years. 

pre-schools children learn in ecological surroundings in consonance with a ground-breaking method particularly develop by us.

NEWTUN Kids pre-schools, we sturdily believe as true that every youngster is an exceptional human being and try to bring the best of the best from each one of them.

NEWTUN Kids pre-schools fun-filled curriculum encompasses highly methodical and step-by-step actions ensure learning by doing.

Nature and environment studies:
provide children with an opening to create their individual investigation and carry out simple experiment.

Innovative behavior: helps our students to develop their creative side through different art and craft media, through music and drama.

Sensorial behavior: gives confidence for children to use their right mind to discover the world around them.

Mathematical concept: is trained through a practical, sensible approach so that basic concepts are properly understood.

Physical development activities:
help in the development of strength, balance, stamina and co-ordination.